Opportunity is Everywhere

The Reels of SteelDiggin in the Baits

came to be as a few fishing buddies created a game of texting clever names back and forth that combined their love and passion for the sport of angling with pop culture references and hip hop terminology with a twist of humor. For example, Jose CanSenkio, Jigus Flipping Christ, King Spinna, Jiggy Smalls, Flippin Stick Wilson aka Fishing Flip Wilson, Bitsy Mane and many more were the first text of this Angler name game. This battle of wits eventually lead to a text that read The Reels of Steel and a reply of Diggin in the Baits.These two phrases would end the game but describe what the The Reels of Steel is about. Angling, Music, Creativity, and Self Expression.The Steeler creedo became “There are no limits to Angling when self expression is limitless because opportunity is everywhere.”