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For those long days on the lake when fish aren’t biting a snapshot of the scenery is what helps keep us inspired. As anglers, our surroundings offer us a moment to reflect and time to recharge get that personal balance. Being inspired is the confidence to continue the fish a pattern or try something new and off the wall. Share your environment, Your inspiration on the The Reels of Steel. Just #Reelinspired


Classic ReelsInspired

The Classic Reels Project started after a short visit to a junk shop. We are always on the hunt for Classic Reels and lures for our personal collection. In this one Junk Shop, there was a box of photos. As fate would have it this box contained photos of a man (Charlie) and his Lady (Peg) and their friends fishing in Seaside Heights in 1943. It offered us that glimpse into the past. For some reason we couldn’t let these awesome photos sit in the junk shop. They needed a new life. So they were purchased and brought home. The photos were Reel Inspiring, so much so, the next weekend we went back to hunt for more in that collection. We hope you enjoy The Reel Classics Project and are looking for more photos to add to this section. If you have vintage fishing photos drop us a line and we will get them up on the site along with your story.

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